In order to be able to better assess your self-assessment of credit bureau, we have compiled here which entries must be deleted at what time: Find out now why free self-disclosure is usually sufficient and which differences exist. Because this is not immediately available by post, it is advisable to visit the nearest easyCredit branch. If you want to take out a loan, you don’t get credit reports and thus the credit bureau past. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a credit bureau self-assessment immediately for free.

Request credit bureau information

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As an alternative to the credit bureau form, you can also use the model letter of the consumer advice. This is not only limited to the credit bureau information, but can also be used for other credit reporting agencies. To request self-assessment, fill in the form or sample letter and send it by post together with a copy of the ID on both sides to the following address of credit bureau:

For private individuals, the credit bureau is also available for all other questions under the following contact details: However, it may take up to six months for the credit bureau self-report to be in your own post office box, so that here is a little patient. The free version of credit bureau information gives you an insight into all information stored about you at credit bureau.

In addition, you will be informed about the origin of the contributions and their use, ie to whom they were forwarded.

Where can I get my credit bureau self-report?

Where can I get my credit bureau self-report?

credit bureau is the strongest German credit reference agency. Numerous leases signed today such as cell phone contracts, leases, credit agreements, leases and much more can only be concluded with the clean credit bureau. Therefore, many citizens wonder how they get their current credit bureau self-disclosure. The information seekers can obtain the information they need in a variety of ways.

On the one hand there is the possibility to order the self-disclosure on the intranet under www.meinecredit It must be differentiated between the credit bureau credit rating of a business partner or a credit bureau credit rating information only about themselves, which can be seen on the credit bureau website on the top left. The credit bureau check is chargeable. But the information seeker can retrieve his information at any time.

This is also subject to a charge. A favorable access to your information is the so-called “data overview according to § 34 Federal Data Protection Act”. You can also find them on the website www.meinecredit Here, but in the grayed-out part of the website at the very end. The “Overview of the data according to 34 BDSG” has the advantage that it is provided free of charge once a year by credit bureau, but also by any other credit bureau.

The data overview is sufficient to give you an idea of ​​what information about your people exists. Those affected often turn to the credit bureau and want to find out about themselves as quickly as possible. Because this is not immediately available by mail, we recommend that you visit the nearest easyCredit branch. In this case, you can immediately obtain information about yourself by providing a document to identify the person concerned.

Since 2010 the “easyCredit-Shops” in cooperation with the credit bureau AG offer creditworthiness information for the credit bureau. This is there for a fee of 24.95 USD to have. According to Easy Credit, the stores are online from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00. A branch finder is available on the net.

If you do not agree with your credit bureau credit rating information or if you have any queries, you can turn to an attorney or specialist in banking and financial market law if you are interested. For more information please contact us. For our international clients, the key information in the press release is in English: The credit bureau Group is the strongest agency in Germany. These are the most contracts, such as the mobile phone contract, the lease, the loan agreement, the lease, etc., which are completed only with its own credit bureau disk.