Find out why free self-assessment is usually enough and what the differences are. If you want to take out a payday loan, you don’t get credit reports and thus the credit bureau past. In order to be able to better assess your self-assessment of credit bureau, we have put together here which entries must be deleted at what time: This is the youth branch of Mainzer Vibank with counseling lounge, shop wall, credit bureau terminal and charging station for smartphones! credit bureau collects the information that is transmitted to her without checking it.

Apply immediately at the credit bureau and take the information with you!

In the meantime, in many German cities there is the possibility of getting credit bureau information immediately on site, namely in the branches of the bank and the Vibanks. Unfortunately, this information is not free. However, this has the great advantage that you have your own house information in every post office and in every Vibank branch that offers this service immediately.

The credit bureau sends you the self-report by mail, which can take up to 4 weeks. On the credit bureau website you can see the branches of the Swiss Federal Post Office and the Vibanks – here continue! Here you can request a credit bureau information eg in Germany and bring along.

Who can obtain credit bureau information immediately from a post office or a Vibank branch?

Request credit bureau information

Request credit bureau information

As an alternative to the credit bureau form, you can also use the model letter of the consumer advice. This is not only limited to the credit bureau information, but can also be used for other credit reporting agencies. To request the self-declaration, the form or sample letter with a copy of the ID must be sent to both sides: to the following address of credit bureau:

For private individuals, the credit bureau is also available for all other questions under the following contact details: However, it may take up to six months for the credit bureau self-report to be in your own post office box, so that here is a little patient. The free version of credit bureau information gives you an insight into all information stored about you at credit bureau.

In addition, you will be informed about the origin of the contributions and their use, ie to whom they were forwarded.

credit bureau information

credit bureau information

If you want to take out a payday loan, you don’t get credit reports and thus the credit bureau past. There is hardly an order that is not reported to the credit bureau – be it a payday loan, a mobile phone contract or shopping in distance selling. credit bureau collects this and other information about the relevant consumers and generates the so-called credit bureau scoring on this basis.

The credit bureau transmits again and again wrong or outdated information, so that the consumers should control their information regularly. To ensure your own up-to-date and up-to-date data, it is advisable to obtain regular credit bureau self-assessment and, if necessary, correct legacy data. Once a year, every consumer can ask for free access to the information provided by a credit bureau.

The credit bureau also provides a free, reduced version of the credit check. It is marked on the credit bureau website as “data overview according to 34 BDSG”. To apply for this overview, the order form must be electronically loaded and sent to the credit bureau. Although the self-report is free, consumers have to pay for the transport.

If you want to see your self-ad multiple times a year, you will need a paid credit bureau credit check. This is a comprehensive documentation document that records all information stored by credit bureau. Among other things, you will find your basic score and information about who passed on the information. The fee-based credit check is accompanied by another variant, which is intended specifically for partners – such as the provider.

It is intended for disclosure to third parties and contains only the information required for the credit check. As a proof of credit, the landlord can also use the free credit bureau information. In order to prevent the disclosure of confidential customer data, the relevant content can be suppressed. The credit bureau has repeatedly shown that the values ​​given there are wrong.

Since not all companies of the credit bureau convey information, some of the information is missing. If the customer does not accept the payday loan then credit bureau classifies this as a discharge. Anyone who identifies errors in their information should ensure that the information is corrected. We recommend that you contact the credit reference agency by telephone and refrain from storing the information incorrectly or without authorization.

Credit reporting agencies are legally obliged to do so. Another way to ensure the accuracy of your own information: The consumer can immediately request the data transfer center to report changes to the credit bureau.