In the financial market, there are multiple credit options which make it easier for you to make your business projects much faster depending on the type of entrepreneur you are.

To start a business from scratch, you can resort to seed credit , which is generated with contributions of money from the same partners, friends or family with a promise of payment in a certain time. You can use that money to start trading or conduct a market study, develop a product, etc. This type of credit ranges from 50 thousand and up to 500 thousand pesos and usually applies to traditional businesses with reduced growth in the short term, for example, a fund or a miscellany.

Another option for small and medium entrepreneurs are the anchors


Through them, projects, ideas, causes and businesses are funded, financed by people interested in these projects. In massive funding or crowdfunding , investors are ordinary people who through a virtual platform can contribute with a small amount of money or up to thousands of pesos. In this type of financing, investors do not buy shares, but inject money and receive a reward when the project achieves its objective. Otherwise, the amount with which they participated is reimbursed to the investor. Funding in this way has taken boom in projects related to culture, arts and gastronomy.

For projects related to technology, innovation or within virtual platforms, such as the development of applications, social networks or Internet companies that demonstrate a minimum operation of two years, there is funding for start-ups . Companies like Facebook and Google like that began their massive growth. One or several investors called angel investors, know a project, are interested and become a kind of patron of it, because when analyzing its medium and long-term scope they realize their potential and decide to invest in it.

Also for companies that start or those that are already established but want to grow more and even become franchises, the entrepreneur can resort to business incubators .

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An incubator will help the entrepreneur to organize and accelerate the growth of the business ensuring its success, since a team of professionals in various areas such as strategic planning, visual communication and accounting advise entrepreneurs and in some cases they sponsor businesses and even promote projects to financial institutions to achieve greater financing. The National System of Incubators , for example, grants up to 70% of the start-up cost for a period of 36 and up to 48 months with a grace period of six to nine months. In order to participate in the incubators, the entrepreneur must enroll in an incubation program, attend the coaching sessions in companies certified by the Ministry of Economy, where he can develop his project, raise capital and start it over a period of twelve months. .

If you have a business within the construction or development of technology, venture capital investment is for you. In this, a consortium or group of several investors injects money in amounts greater than 500 thousand pesos and these investors expect to see a return on investment greater than that which would have low risk investments through the purchase of shares.

Bank credit is more available for those companies that already have some time operating or are clients of the bank and require investments greater than 500 thousand pesos and less than two million pesos. In the last decade, banks have been interested in investing in businesses related to technology and industries such as construction, agriculture or development, because they are usually resources used to acquire equipment and machinery, real estate, patent registration, launch of a new product line and sometimes to invest in working capital.

Other bank credit options are simple credit and reactionary credit

Other bank credit options are simple credit and reactionary credit


The first is used for a specific purpose and is granted through a contract whose payment period is 18 months to 15 years in monthly and even annual terms and includes a monthly interest. The Refactional Credit favors the acquisition of property or its extension and can even cover previous debts on real estate or equipment that does not exceed the year of use. The acquired assets are used as collateral in case of default.

Some of these options that we mentioned can be adjusted to your current need to start, drive or take your business to the next level doing what you like, and thus make money with it.