Compass retired loans represent one of the preferred credit solutions for those who have escaped from the labor market and need liquidity to satisfy their personal needs, relying on one of the most renowned financial companies among those operating on the Italian territory, also due to the flexibility of its options. The personal loans for Compass pensioners are based as usual on a sale of the fifth of the social security check, a very advantageous solution both for those who provide the capital and for those who receive it, and who allows access to credit quickly and very quickly simple. In particular, the loans subscribed through the agreement with INPS, former ENPALS and former INPDAP allow obtaining favorable terms compared to normal loans disbursed by the financial company, which we will analyze as an alternative option.

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Compass retired loans with a fifth assignment

Compass retired loans with a fifth assignment

The main aspect of Compass retired loans as for other financial companies and credit institutions that supply the same type of product is that of being a loan with the transfer of a fifth of the pension as a method of repayment: this means that with the sale of the fifth Compass you can request and get a personal loan you have

an installment with a monthly amount not exceeding one fifth of one’s income, or 20 per cent of the entire social security check , taking advantage of subsidized rates based on the INPS agreement or other former social security institutions absorbed by the latter. Furthermore, the loan has as a guarantee the obligatory subscription of an insurance cover against the risk of early death, which protects both the bank and the heirs of the deceased, paying off the debt upon the death of the beneficiary.

Assignment of the fifth, what advantages?

Subscribing to a loan with a salary-backed loan means that the monthly installment is set with less subjective criteria than a normal personal loan: for example, if you receive a pension of 1000 euros, the repayment installment of the salary will not exceed the 200 euros. The sale of the fifth is a very convenient tool because it avoids “forgetfulness” with respect to the payment of the bills at the post office or the agreed tobacconists, and at the same time it is very useful and precise in avoiding an excessive indebtedness and a consequent difficulty to repay personal loan: this is why it is the preferred tool for loans for pensioners , as well as being available for protesters and bad payers . For more information on this, you can physically go to a Compass branch or visit the appropriate page on the official website of the financial company

Compass retired loans, features

The Compass pensioner loan is a type of non-finalized loan, this means that it is paid without specifying the purpose, it is paid through the transfer of the pension’s fifth, and in the loan the insurance policy in case of death is included, a mandatory prescription by law for this type of product reserved for those who have escaped from the labor market. The provision of this loan for Compass pensioners

it is limited to holders of a retirement pension that have a maximum age of 85, in addition the loan can be requested only if the social security check has an amount exceeding € 501.89 net of the transferable quota . According to the laws in force, it is not possible to sell a portion of income that determines a remaining part lower than the social pension.

The characteristics of the Compass pensioner loan provide for a maximum payable amount, variable based on the transferable portion and duration, up to over 75 thousand euros, a duration of the amortization plan of between 24 and 120 months, and as regards the cost of the life risk policy, which generally can reach very high values, Compass undertakes to limit the weight of this item in the total cost of the loan to a maximum of 26 per cent of the gross amount.

Who can request them?

Who can apply for Compass personal loans ? Funding is reserved for

INPS pensioners whose age is less than 85 years at the time of payment of the last loan installment: the required documentation provides tax code, copy of identity card and what is necessary to attest the income, or the pension slip, necessary for the preventive evaluation by the financial company.

The limit imposed by Compass relative to age makes it clear that the older you are at the time of the request, the shorter the repayment plan, which must peremptorily cease when you reach the age of 80 : therefore, to access the maximum duration of 120 months, or 10 years, you will not have exceeded, at the time of stipulation of the contract, the seventy-fifth year of age.

The advantages of Compass retired loans

The advantages of Compass retired loans

The advantages of Compass retired loans can be summarized as follows:

  • Rates agreed with INPS, formerly INPDAD, former ENPALS
  • Possibility of requesting funding beyond 70 years
  • Possible positive outcome of the request even in the presence of other financing or financial problems
  • Custom amounts   with the possibility of requesting sums up to over 75 thousand euros
  • Fixed and constant installment for the entire duration of the loan
  • No guarantor required , beyond one’s pension
  • Possibility to repay up to 10 years
  • No brokerage fees

Compass retired loans for bad payers

Compass retired loans for bad payers

Since these are loans for pensioners with a fifth assignment, the request for these loans is also possible for those who have been reported to the Central Credit Register as protesters or bad payers, presenting the standard documentation necessary for the evaluation of the process and the subsequent disbursement of the loan . In particular, it is necessary

a valid identity document, the tax code, the pension slip or even the crediting of the pension in a current account, and the assignable Quota certificate issued by the INPS. The time to get the go-ahead for the Compass pensioner loan is quite fast, even for those who have been reported as a bad payer or are protested.

Retired loans INPS ex Inpdap: Compass rates

In general, the interest rates applied to Compass retired loans are rather competitive, and in addition the absence of intermediation costs makes the entire financing even more convenient: we must not forget that in this branch of financing there are INPS agreements ex Inpdap, which allow access to credit at favorable conditions in favor of public pensioners at very competitive interest rates, even for large sums. In particular,

we have the small INPS loans , for which it is not necessary to present any justification of expenditure, to which Compass in 2017 applies a Nominal Annual Rate (TAN) equal to 4.25 per cent . For multi-year loans to INPS ex Inpdap instead, which are loans granted only against certain economic needs of the applicant, we have a fixed interest rate of 3.5 per cent , with duration and amount that can be financed according to the purpose of the loan. For small loans, amounts and durations are pre-established, with sums of up to 8 net monthly salaries received by the beneficiary and a repayment plan that can reach a maximum of 4 years.

Compass personal loans

For those unwilling or unable to apply for the solution of loans for pensioners , Compass obviously offers the possibility of accessing a wide range of products that fall within the scope of personal loans, with various additional options, as shown on the page of the dedicated official website to this finance sector. With Compass personal loans you can apply

a loan up to the age of 70 that provides for the payment of a capital of up to 30 thousand euros , at customized conditions, choosing the best combination between installment and loan duration depending on the personal needs of the individual.

Let’s see together what are the Compass personal loan options provided by the finance company.

Easy personal loan

The Compass Easy personal loan is the standard version of the loan, which does not provide flexibility or modification options, and offers only the guarantee of an installment that remains constant for the entire repayment period. However

to the Easy Classic formula you can add the Jump option to skip an installment or Change to reduce the amount. If you choose the Flex option instead, you can have both the above options and get a really flexible loan at every level.

Personal loan Jump

Personal loan Jump

With the Jump personal loan it is possible to skip, once a year, the payment of an installment , up to a maximum of 5 times total included in the financing period, all without any additional cost. With the Jump option simply

it is possible for the beneficiary to postpone the payment of the installment skipped to the end of the term , by informing the financial company of its choice to annually skip a single installment in the planned amortization plan, up to a maximum total of 5 times for the entire duration of the period of refund.

Total Flex personal loan

Total Flex is the flexible loan devised by Compass that allows those who request it to carry out their projects with ample flexibility in times of need: with this personal loan option it is possible to decide between different installment solutions and duration adjusting the plan reimbursement to your needs, changing depreciation over time if necessary, at no additional cost. With Total Flex you can

decrease the installment amount by extending the repayment plan , or skip one installment a year up to 5 times and postpone payment at the end of the term. Furthermore, if the early repayment of the loan is required, there are no additional costs.

Personal Loan

The last Compass option is Cifra Tonda , with which the beneficiary can choose his own installment   monthly   of financing,   which has an all-inclusive round amount with which the refund is made. With the personal loan Cifra Tonda

the installment is fixed and constant, and the beneficiary is free to choose the amount in round figures he wishes. The only difference is that with this option the maximum amount paid by Compass drops to 20,000 euros .

Compass retired loans: are they affordable?

Compass retired loans: are they affordable?

Summing up, we can say that the Compass retired loans with the sale of the fifth or the range of normal personal loans represent one of the most interesting solutions of the credit market among those present in the Italian territory, by virtue of the dynamism and flexibility of its options, so as not only to access the credit quickly and on advantageous terms, but also to satisfy the different needs of the customers, also meeting the temporary difficulties that may affect the beneficiaries of the loan.